Why it’s Imperative to be Selfish for the Perfect Relationship

Dr. Dabney explains why it’s imperative to be Selfish for the perfect relationship.
I know it sounds crazy to say you need to be more selfish in order to help your relationship.  but that’s exactly what has
to happen. Being selfish is a big part in creating a perfect relationship.
I’m Dr. Laura Dabney and I’ve been a relationship psychiatrist for over 20 years.  I’ve helped thousands of really successful men create the relationship of their dreams and it
always starts the same way.
These men come to me having put all their energy into helping everybody else in their life but they don’t know help themselves at
all.   If you can’t understand how you feel, what you wants,  what your dreams are then you’re never gonna make that a reality.
It’s not only okay to be selfish to take the time to understand you.  It’s a necessary first step to get the relationship that you’ve always wanted.  Again  it’s Imperative to be Selfish for the Perfect Relationship!