Why it’s Imperative to be Selfish to Have Better Relationships


Dr. Dabney discusses Why it’s imperative to be selfish to have better relationships.
I know it sounds crazy to say you need
to be more selfish in order to help your
relationship but it’s absolutely true
I’m Dr. Laura Dabney and I’ve been a
relationship psychiatrist for over 20
years I’ve helped thousands of of
successful men create the relationship
of their dreams
and it all starts the same way these men
come to me having helped everybody in
their lives their communities their
co-workers their families and their
partners but they don’t know the first
thing about themselves if you don’t know
your hopes your dreams your thoughts
you’re never going to be able to express
them well and then create them it’s not
only not mean to be selfish it’s
essential to take the time to learn
about yourself and all these particular
areas so you can then reach out and
create these fabulous relationships if
this sounds like you please comment or
message to learn more about how we can
help you thanks my name is Dr. Laura Dabney, and I want to help.
Remember, it’s imperative to be selfish to have better relationships