Grand Opening in Richmond!!

so we are live from Dr. Dabney’s grand
opening of her Richmond office currently
right now I’m just standing in one of
the offices here I’ll just flip this
around to show you guys looks amazing in
here doing like a quick little video of
right and in here we have dr. Daphne’s
office these little guys are probably
the cutest little thing they’re little
men or at least they look like little
men so this is the one on the clock and
then we have our guy here it’s amazing
one of our private offices here guys
nice little waiting area this is Tyler’s
office very nice this is my favorite
piece of artwork right here it’s our
little mannequin guy I think he’s pretty
awesome where she depending on what you
want to call it and then just looks
right out
got some really nice designs here in the
office and I’ll be tagging the designer
in the post here soon
also if you headed over to our Instagram
page she is also going to be tagged in a
bunch of photos there this is Brad
Joelle’s husband everybody we’re live in
the Richmond office time here exactly
you’ve got Joelle over here in the
corner and you guys want to introduce
yourselves with Andrew the underpart be
anywhere Beauty mush a wedding hair
maybe tagging them on Instagram and
Facebook as well for their lovely work
today guys trust me a piece of art right
here oh oh yeah
what’s your destiny what’s your death
there you go Tyler we’re gonna head on
over to our other two here so she’s the
head woman in charge over here
hi everybody
our little good video from the Richmond
office again address is one one five
four five nickels sure Road scuse me
Richmond Virginia we’re just opening up
so if you have anybody in the area
looking for a psychiatrist or a life
coach definitely reach out to us we
definitely take referrals and things of
that nature so look us up find us give
us a call if you need our number it’s
gonna be posted later I hope you guys
enjoyed this as much as I have cuz I
absolutely love doing these and I hope
that you guys will take a chance and
come look at us we also have the office
in Virginia Beach if you ever need to do
anything in Virginia Beach area as well
again I’ll tag everybody in the video
here that helped with the office the
designer the makeup everything hope you
have a great day I’m gonna go party some