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Case Study

He Could Call Them. They Just Wouldn’t Call Back

Steven wasn’t shy. He didn’t have trouble meeting women or asking them out or even developing friendships with them. The problem was, they didn’t seem to want to call him back.

Whenever he left a voicemail or emailed a woman to ask her out, he’d wait days to hear back from them. Sometimes he never would.

With the assistance of the Dabney team of coaches, Steven learned to tone down his demeanor when initiating communication. He learned that his messages were so specific and eager, they came off as demanding. That wasn’t his intention, but it was a significant turn-off to women.

It’s hard for us to be aware of everything other people see in us.

Once Steven changed his approach, he started dating–a lot. Then he found he relied on his coaches even more. They helped him spot red flags and end potentially disastrous relationships before they got too far. They helped him identify what he wanted in his ideal partner, then helped him stick to his resolve. They even coached him when it came to resolving arguments and relationship tension.

Steven isn’t committed to one woman today, but that’s a good thing. He’s chosen to take his time and find a relationship that fills him up rather than empties his wallet and exhausts his patience.

“No wonder they weren’t calling me back. I sounded like a jerk.”


The value of coaching

Would you try to learn tennis from a book?

A good coach can help you break bad habits and develop new strengths.

Divorce risks rise by double-digits each time a person remarries. If you think you’re not at risk of another divorce, think again. The data tells a disheartening story.
  • 50 percent50%
    of first marriages
    end in divorce
  • 67 percent67%
    of second marriages
    end in divorce
  • 73 percent73%
    of third marriages
    end in divorce

Men, more than women, tend to rush into their next relationship. Research consistently shows that most men will be remarried or seriously committed within two years.

Worst of all, subsequent divorces are no less traumatic or costly than the first.

The Dabney team of relationship coaches
will help you:

  • Get out there, even when it seems like the world is filled with only married people

  • Ask her out successfully
  • Navigate an awkward date
  • Clarify what you want from a relationship—for yourself and from her
  • Spot red flags
  • Handle the delicate situations and awkward conversations
  • Keep yourself from settling
  • Break it off without blowing up
  • Find real happiness

Where else can you have a full team of relationship experts at your fingertips?

    For less than a single in-office coaching session, you have unlimited access to your own team of experts.

  • Email your coaches from anywhere in the world at any time of day

  • Reach out with questions as small as, “Should I kiss her goodnight?” and as big as, “Are we ready for marriage?”

  • Get the answers you need as soon as you need them

Dating After Divorce email coaching allows you to ask the Dabney team of relationship coaches as many questions as you like every month.

And we won’t leave you wondering. All questions will be answered within 12 hours.

Your questions. Answered quickly. As often as you need us.

Dating never looked so good.

Don’t sell your future short.

Start your Dating After Divorce unlimited email coaching today.

Only $175 per month

Dating After Divorce Unlimited Email Coaching works because you have a trusted coach every step of the way.

  • Understand the real mistakes of your past relationships

  • Identify your ideal partner

  • Clarify what you want from a relationship

  • Trust yourself and your partner

  • Stop settling and committing too quickly

  • Find real happiness

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Dr. Laura Dabney

About Dr. Laura Dabney, the Intimacy MD

Relationship stress is no match for Dr. Dabney. Every week, she works with patients in dozens of cities across the United States, helping them break the patterns of past relationships and beat a path to a happier, healthier future. She owns a leading clinical practice in Virginia Beach and has been Board Certified in Psychiatry.

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