Why it’s Imperative to be Selfish for the Perfect Relationship

Dr. Dabney explains why it’s imperative to be Selfish for the perfect relationship. I know it sounds crazy to say you need to be more selfish in order to help your relationship.  but that’s exactly what has to happen. Being selfish is a big part in creating a perfect relationship. I’m Dr. Laura Dabney and I’ve been a relationship psychiatrist for over 20 years.  I’ve helped thousands of really successful men create the relationship of their dreams and it always starts the same way. These men come to me having put all their energy into helping everybody else in their life but they don’t know help themselves at all.   If you can’t understand how you feel, what you wants,  what your dreams are then you’re never gonna make that a reality. It’s not only okay to be selfish to take the time to understand you.  It’s a necessary first step to get the relationship that you’ve always wanted.  Again  it’s Imperative to be Selfish for the Perfect Relationship!

What if YOU are the Toxic Person in your Relationships

    hi and happy Monday yes I usually come to you on a Tuesday but I won’t be in tomorrow so I thought I’d come the day early on a Monday but it’s not just any Monday it is Patriots rule Monday I’m from New England in case you can’t tell okay that aside we all knew that was gonna happen but now that has happened Patriots domination we can move on here so I’m dr. Laura Dabney relationship psychiatrist and although I usually help men successful men by the way with their very difficult relationships I’m coming to you in this context really to anybody who’s had trouble getting help for their emotional relationship problems maybe been on the fence maybe you’ve been afraid maybe you just don’t know who to turn to I’m hoping that this forum will help answer some of those questions or at least get you in the door to somebody okay so this month so that’s once we talk about parenting that’s a very loaded topic but this month I want to talk to you about what if you’re the toxic person in your relationships I actually have some folks that come to me with the chief complaint is what we call it saying that a lot of their relationships are unfulfilled unhappy stressful and they have enough insight to say I’m the common denominator dr. Dabney right and I think that’s a very it’s always a very moving point for me because to help yourself that insight is invaluable it’s also rare okay so if you’re able to see that something’s not right even if you don’t know what it is you’re halfway there are more than halfway there okay so let’s talk a little bit about what do I see what do I see in somebody where I go you maybe have trouble relating to people okay because some people I mean everybody has relationships that don’t go well and this is all sort of a gray or fine line area but if you if most of your relationships where majority of relationships are not fulfilling end up with a lot of acting out or abandonment if you seems more than the average person then it’s certainly worth checking out right all I may can say is well you’re handling it it’s not outside the range of norm but there are …

More Quick Tips to Avoid the Holiday Meltdown this Year

  More Quick Tips to Avoid the Holiday Meltdown this Year Dr. Laura Dabney  here again with Tyler.   Here are More Quick Tips to Avoid the Holiday Meltdown this Year. yes you have it every year you know it and we want to help you avoid the holiday meltdown in general we’ve been talking about how to straighten out that imbalance which leads to that below upper meltdown and we want to emphasize for the summer summation is the intimacy involves giving and taking right think about it you’re giving something somebody else and taking something return is the ultimate intimacy if you’ve got it in your head that you have to give give give give that’s we make people happy and they’re automatically and give back to you you’re gonna be disappointed yes that’s gonna come right so go ahead take and give and your finding of a much more intimate holiday season this year for sure happy holidays everybody loved like that so long and we’ll catch you next time. Hope these Tips to Avoid the Holiday Meltdown from Dr. Laura Dabney help!

How to Avoid Raising a Narcissist or Sociopath

and hello everybody thank you for joining me in 2019 a brand new year and by the looks of our responses to the meltdown videos we did here and on Instagram y’all got something out of that and hopefully had a nice smooth sailing through your holiday time congratulations for that. Who I Am so I’m dr. Laura Dabney I’m a relationship psychiatrist and I typically help executive men with their relationship problems but as I’ve explained here my passion has sort of become helping those of you who are too afraid to pick up the phone and call me with any emotional problem so I’m coming to you this is sort of I call it my welcome mat to let you know what I think and how I do things and what I tell my patients every day so you can learn from them and from me in this forum hopefully that’s a little easier for you so today I wanted to, actually this month I think I’m gonna talk about parenting because although I do see a lot of couples and I could actually do a couples counseling without the couple by the way this is my public service announcement real quick if you’re having relationship problems you do not have to go together okay I can I and i’m sure other therapists can do couples counseling without that couple but that is mostly what i do but my subset my second largest group of clients and patients are parents with child problems it’s usually a teenager or young adult parent problem so that’s the other area i focus on so i thought i’d share a little of that with you today and since there’s been so much in the media these days and i’ve been talking to a lot of writers about narcissism and sociopaths I thought I’d combine the two and help teach you how not to raise a sociopath or narcissist. Sociopaths and Narcissists right you don’t want to deal with them anywhere you certainly don’t want your child to have that kind of problem and let me just start by saying that narcissism and sociopathy are sort of descriptive titles of personality disorders so the larger group is personality disorders and personality disorders are defined how we define them is not monsters and horrible people that you hear in the media but we define …

Sociopaths and Narcissists

hi dr. Laura Dabney relationship coach Joelle Brandt’s we help executive men find the relationships of their dreams but we also are here to help everybody feel more comfortable about getting help for their emotional and relationship problems yes that’s a mouthful it is and we’re here with our dynamic black outfits on yeah we are today as you’re feeling very know I think if black is being strong strong Copic today we do have a strong topic today so we decided we would talk about how to deal with the sociopaths and the narcissists in your life in other words how to deal with the difficult people in your life I think it came out of Lee I think the one reason why we thought it was important to talk about is actually dr. Dabney has been talking to a lot reporters and featured in a few different articles about sociopaths and narcissists just because it’s something that she deals with a little more than me but it’s definitely something where I’m learning a lot from her but it’s really important because you just sometimes you don’t see it as a person who was never really thought about it or thought the tools to kind of see these flags you know listening to her talk to the reporters reading the articles it was like you know you need to tell everyone yeah it’s a big topic so we were kind of surprised but we must have had three or four reporters wanted to speak to me about narcissist or sociopaths now one of the one of the reporters said there’s a youtube war going on with somebody somebody’s saying somebody else is a narcissist no he’s a sociopath and we were trying to figure that out so that was kind of fun and I don’t know what those YouTube things are so if that’s so then stay tuned and you can learn something here but so the difference mainly is but that’s what people always want to know the difference sociopaths are equated to monsters and narcissists are equated to full of themselves or stuck-up yes and I guess that’s that’s kind of true yeah sociopath says we term the proper term for that is antisocial personality disorder that does not mean you don’t like to go to parties mm-hm antisocial personality disorder means essentially that you’re a criminal …