Strong Man


Emotional courage, mental weakness, and the power to know the difference. An e-book by Dr. Laura Dabney, the Intimacy MD.

Strong Man: Real truths about emotional courage, mental weakness, and how to tell the difference.

As a child, every boy aspires to be the hero, to be the one gifted with the courage to overcome villains, monsters and all that threatens harm. He craves the one power on which the hero never falters: the power over fear.So why, when each generation begins with such pure intentions, do we see alcoholism, divorce and violence continue to skyrocket? Worse still, why do we point fingers at the men affected by and inflicting these incidents and call them weak?

In this short and highly accessible book, Dr. Laura Dabney condenses the powerful insights she’s drawn from nearly two decades of working with hundreds of men—professionals, public personalities and financiers, alike—men who have reached the pinnacle of outward success but who privately struggle with highly personal and painful issues. First among them: courage in any form is commendable, but emotional courage is king.

Page count: 37