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How to Spot and End a Toxic Relationship.  A Dr. Laura Dabney Guide to Dating, Marriage, and Relationships.

Read the Red Flags:
How to Spot and End a Toxic Relationship

A Dr. Laura Dabney Guide to Dating, Marriage, and Relationships

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In 2016, I published a short article online titled, “The Top 4 ‘Get Out Now’ Red Flags When Dating.” Within weeks, the download numbers soared.
My patients wanted to discuss the article. Readers called our of ce because of it. To this day, the downloads have yet to slow down, and I continue to discover just how many lives are affected by this topic and how many people worry about their toxic relationships.

The article also shed light on what a relief it is for people to discover that they are not alone in dealing with the frustrations of a toxic relationship. Patients say, “Oh my gosh, other people experience this too?” Or they ask, “There is a name for this problem?” Yes, I assure them — and those of you reading this — lots of people experience this issue. And the name for it? Red Flags. Once you understand and learn to spot the warning ags in your relationships, you can take steps to stop their toxic pull.

Not that it’s easy. People can learn quickly to recognize Red Flags, but taking the necessary measures to leave those relationships in favor of healthy ones can be a lengthier process. It is possible.

In my profession, I have the privilege of working with people in the midst of reshaping their lives. I get to see my patients end toxic relationships or begin healthy ones, so I know how great that change can be. And, thanks in part to that Red Flags article, I have a better idea of just how many people are struggling with the subject. That’s why I wrote this guide. I won’t ever be able to meet everyone working to change their relationships, but I can provide the same information I share with my patients. I offer this guide to lend the same insight that’s helped hundreds of my patients nd happier, healthier partnerships.