Dating after Divorce, A Complete Guide


A step-by-step program and support for building a happy relationship that lasts.


Why I created the Dating after Divorce Guide

I created this guide for the sole purpose of helping divorced men find their way into a happy, lasting relationship. When well prepared and equipped, there is no reason why any of us must repeat our mistakes. To ensure that we don’t repeat the past, however, we must first understand it. Why did we make the choices we did? What were the signals we ignored? How can we better meet our own needs in the future? This guide will help you answer those questions. Once we’ve processed the past, we can use everything we learned from it to create richer, deeper, more intimate relationships in the future. This guide can help you achieve that, too. This guide is not, however, a magic bullet. To leave our past mistakes behind us is not simply enough. We must do the work to understand them, to learn from them, to not be subject to them again. That will take dedication on your part. Some of the work may be uncomfortable and some of it may help you discover things about yourself you never understood before. When performed with an openness to change, the benefits you take away will dwarf the sweat required.

How to use this guide

This guide is comprised of six parts:

  1. The eBook that is your guide through the course.
  2. “Dating after Divorce Roadmap”, a quick-look visual
  3. Precision Dating Log
  4. “50 Ways to Identify Red Flags” handbook
  5. “20 Real Signs You Might Not be Ready for Commitment” checklist
  6. 3 one-on-one email coaching sessions with a member of the Dabney team.


Read the eBook first

While there is no mandatory path for completing this work, I recommend that you begin by reading the eBook all the way through. Ignore the exercises on your first pass, but read for process and content. Read to first understand the Precision Dating process, what you’ll learn along the way and common dating mistakes.

Do the exercises

Once you’ve read the eBook, I recommend that you go back to the beginning, this time completing the exercises. The exercises included in this guide are the single most important element of this entire program. Take the time to do them well, to answer the questions honestly, to think, to open yourself up to not only what has been but to what can be. It’s tempting to skip the hard stuff. It’s tempting to dismiss the exercises as voluntary. I urge you to not give in to these temptations. Instead, look at these exercises as powerful, valuable assets to you in navigating your post-divorce experience.

Get dating—and keep track

The best part of this whole program is the dating. You may not enjoy every date, but eventually you’re bound to meet some incredible women. You’re sure to learn a lot as you go, too. That’s why I’ve included the Precision Dating Log; it will provide an archive of who you’ve met, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and later, may provide necessary insight into whether or not to take a relationship to the next level.

Keep the references handy

The “50 Questions Handbook,” “Dating After Divorce Roadmap” and “20 Real Signs You Might Not be Ready for Commitment” are provided as easy references while you get back to dating. The roadmap will help keep your expectations in check by reminding you of where you are in the process, while the handbook will help ensure you get answers to often sensitive but always crucial “red flag” questions

Take advantage of one-on-one coaching

The most unique aspect of this guide is the access it provides you to the Dabney team of relationship coaches. This guide includes three sessions of email coaching that you can use at any point in your dating life. There is no right or wrong time to use them and there are no right or wrong questions to ask. Many men find the coaching so useful in fact, they choose to enroll in the Dating after Divorce coaching program, which provides them with unlimited email coaching support every month.