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At Laura Dabney MD, we believe that asking for help is a demonstration of intelligence and strength, not weakness. From the moment you discover us online or in-person we want you to know that we’re committed to your success, privacy, and dignity. We also know that emotional and relationship problems can overpower even the most successful people, filling us with embarrassment and shame. That’s why we’re committed to giving you as many online resources as possible (articles, books, guides, email coaching, and videos) that you can explore in the privacy of your home. Someday, when you’re ready, we believe you’ll trust us enough to pick up the phone.

We’ve helped thousands of people change their lives, overcome distress, and change the course of their futures. Asking for help is difficult, but we know your strength. You’ve got it in you, and we’re ready to get started as soon as you are.


People talk about physical fitness, but mental health is equally important.

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