Achieve change.

Are you ready for your best life ever?

I’ve been helping my patients achieve emotional success for more than two decades, and in all that time, I’ve never had reason to quit believing this singular truth: You can surpass today’s limitations, as long as you have the commitment and the right guide. In fact, most of my patients are already successful in their own right—they’ve run businesses, raised families, and made significant progress against impressive “bucket” lists. But they’ve come to me because they need a guide for one crucial, but unattained goal: to become their best, emotionally healthy self.

Sound familiar? Are you ready to find out how far you can go?

Strong Man by Dr Laura Dabney

Strong Man: Emotional courage, mental weakness, and the power to know the difference.

An e-book by Dr. Laura Dabney, the Intimacy MD

12 Realities of Intimacy by Dr Laura Dabney

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The 12 Realities of Intimacy. The secret to fewer fights, happier memories and better sex.

“I admit, I was skeptical at first but I found Dr. Dabney to be insightful and she was able to show me so many things I didn’t know. It was kind of amazing.”

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